Hippoo Premium: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Release

The new release of Hippoo Premium is set to launch in mid-July, and this article will guide you through all the exciting features and updates you can expect. Get ready to enhance your experience with Hippoo by updating your app and WooCommerce plugin to the latest versions.


Hippoo Premium will be available for Android users initially. To enjoy the new features, make sure you update both the Hippoo app and the Hippoo WooCommerce plugin.

New Features

  1. Print Invoices and Shipping Labels The most significant addition in Hippoo Premium is the ability to print invoices and shipping labels directly from the app. With just a click of a button, you can view, print, or save the order invoice or shipping label as a PDF. This feature streamlines the process, making order management more efficient.
  2. Order ID and Product SKU Barcode Scanning The updated Hippoo WooCommerce plugin introduces barcode scanning for order IDs and product SKUs. Within the WooCommerce panel, you can now see the order ID as a barcode. By scanning this barcode with the Hippoo app, you can quickly locate the order. Similarly, you can scan the product SKU barcode during product editing in WooCommerce to find the product instantly in the Hippoo app.
  3. Print from WooCommerce Dashboard Along with in-app printing, you can now print invoices and shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce dashboard. This addition provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to manage your printing tasks from multiple platforms.


Hippoo Premium offers all these new features for just $39 per year for a single site with unlimited users. This affordable pricing ensures that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the premium features without breaking the bank.


The upcoming release of Hippoo Premium is packed with features designed to enhance your order management and streamline your workflow. Be sure to update your app and plugin to enjoy these exciting new capabilities. Stay tuned for the mid-July release and elevate your Hippoo experience to the next level!